Broadworth Modular is a collaboration of sophisticated design and sustainable modular construction methods and technologies. We offer a complete design and construction service for our clients from design conception through to handover.


Broadworth Modular is a collaboration of sophisticated design and sustainable modular construction methods and technologies. 

With over 30 years experience both in design and construction, our company delivers dynamic and smart modular solutions for quality residential and commercial projects. A focus on functionality and smart design sees our design practice offer clever solutions to client needs and site conditions. Our in-house engineering and steel manufacturing plant develop innovative construction methods and systems. The Broadworth Modular system can satisfy varying architectural types from bespoke contemporary architectural concepts to traditional and character responsive designs that blend in with the surrounding streetscape.

Our company has evolved with a passion for design quality, innovation, sustainability and efficiency in construction. The modular building option benefits from a predictable cost and time frame which is substantially shorter than in situ construction methods, without sacrificing quality of design or construction. Our team aims to develop collaborative partnerships with our clients to ensure the final product reflects their needs and personalities within its design. Our modular capabilities suit a number of residential settings including urban, coastal, inner city, rural and remote locations whilst also being able to satisfy commercial projects such as show rooms, offices and government buildings. We pride ourselves on sophisticated design, innovative construction methods and quality final products.

We strongly believe in sophisticated design and innovative process. We want to design and construct sustainable, beautiful buildings that respond to client and environmental influences with top end finishes to create quality final products.

Our focus

At Broadworth Modular our key focus’ are:

  • Attention to detail during the entire construction period
  • Predictable time frame and project costs
  • Low impact, environmentally friendly and efficient final products
  • Quality and value for money for our clients
  • Smart design with sustainable design principles
  • Design for comfort, lifestyle, personality and longevity
  • Creative problem solving and engineering
  • Innovative construction techniques and processes
  • Time efficiency throughout the construction process
  • Collaboration between builder, architect and client


Our company also strongly believes in collaboration both in design and construction. We offer a top end construction service for both architects and clients who have sought out architectural services elsewhere who wish to employ modular construction methods within their design. A flexible approach to the design process allows us to work with many architects and construction companies for which we offer our invaluable experience within the modular industry to develop dynamic and elegant construction solutions to suit any architectural idea. We not only offer advice on modular design and construction to facilitate the design process, we also offer a complete construction service for bespoke architectural projects, both residential and commercial.

Broadworth Modular offers a complete design and construction service for our clients from design conception through to handover. 

Our company employs design professionals who work with clients to develop and respond to briefs that fulfill client needs and provide solutions within budget and time constraints. This service includes a thorough site investigation, client consultation, sketch proposals, council submission, construction detailing and continued communication throughout the construction period. Our design practice focuses on our client’s needs, lifestyle and personalities to ensure a satisfying and appropriate solution that fulfills their expectations.


The Factory


Our state of the art factory facility on the Central Coast NSW houses our innovative technologies which contribute to the prefabrication stage of construction for all of our projects. These include a Computer Numerical Controlled steel frame manufacturing plant along with various structural steel engineering tools that our experienced team use to design and create all structural members for every building that comes through our factory.

All design, engineering and fabrication is done in house to ensure the highest quality of construction. Our design experts and engineers work from their studio within the factory and are always on site during the construction of every building.