Copy of Process

Broadworth Modular outline the process of building your modular home.

Step 1: Consultation

The first step of the Broadworth Modular process is to meet with our team to discuss the feasibility of the modular building system for your project. Our team – consisting of young emerging designers and our experienced directors – will give you an insight into our processes and discuss your ideas and concepts with you. An expert creative team will assess your requirements, your site, your personality and your needs to form a design brief that informs our design strategies to design your building.

COST: This step requires no investment and can be kick started by calling or emailing our team via our contact form.


Step 2: Concept Design & Costing

A concept proposal for your project will be formulated from the design brief along with a preliminary costing to factor into your budget. The concept design will include sketches, models and CAD drawings of the proposal and will heavily involve your input and analysis to ensure the design responds to your needs and requirements. We offer a number of costing options to suit your budget and circumstances. From ex-yard through to complete construction and handover and anything in between.

COST: This step requires no investment and is completely obligation free.


Step 3: Developed Design & Contract


This step involves a detailed proposal of the final design and the accompanying contract for construction with an accurate costing. Our design team will begin consulting with engineers, surveyors and contractors to formulate the final design details and generate a developed proposal for your approval. Upon completion of this step we will provide an estimation of key dates such as commencement of works, delivery and handover.

COST: This step will incur architectural fees starting at $5000+GST along with a 5% deposit to accompany the signing of the construction contract.

Step 4: Drawings & Development Approvals

Upon agreement on final designs and the signing of the construction contract, our team of architectural draftsman will prepare the necessary construction drawings and reports to be submitted to council. This will be the final step of approval for your building before commencement of works. All costs and submission fees are a part of the contracted price of the building. In addition to council required drawings, our draftsman and in house engineers will work through construction systems and details with you and provide the necessary construction details to ensure every idea and concept is followed through in the built form.


Step 5: Factory Construction


The factory construction process involves the manufacturing and assembly of all structural systems for the building along with external and internal fit outs to the required stage of completion before transport. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, floor coverings, internal & external cladding, electrical, plumbing, joinery and any painting within the project. This process typically lasts 5 weeks within the factory depending on the nature and size of the building. Whilst factory construction is underway we will also commence work on footings, earthworks and landscaping to ensure the fastest and most economical construction process possible. During this time you are able to walk through the building upon request to ensure the project is being constructed to your desired detail and level of quality. The benefit of modular construction is that our designers, in house engineering team, builders, directors and you or your architect are always on site watching the build progress, ensuring a quality final product.

Step 6: Delivery and Site Works

Delivery of the prefabricated modules to site commences the final stage of construction within the Broadworth Modular building process. This process involves the craning and complexing of modules along with site service connections for electrical and plumbing systems. Once the join up is complete final works commence on landscaping, driveways and on site ancillaries and structures. This step typically lasts 7-8 weeks depending on the scale of the build and is taken through to the handing over of keys.